Dividend Activity

As a new investor, I’m starting to receive some much appreciated dividends! However, I find the activity feed complicated, long and tiresome to scroll through when I wish to see the culmination of received dividends.

Does FreeTrade have plans to expand this area further for those interested in building a more dividend focussed portfolio? ie. monthly / yearly dividend records and stats? A simple implementation could be a filter within the activity feed to show all ‘Dividends’, or all ‘Top-ups’ individually. Further more, a section within the app dedicated to Dividend growth, stats and announcements from individual stocks would be welcome.

If this has already been discussed, please feel free to merge the thread.

I haven’t seen anything specific to dividend activity, but the planned data export function should help.

Yep! Dividends will be included in the full transactions list, could easily be filtered to dividends only in a spreadsheet. If there’s considerable demand for just dividends as their separate report we’ll consider adding that too.


Yeah be nice to have a Dividend Menu itself with Total stats etc.

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Hi all,

I’m not sure if this belongs here or if I should post as a separate topic but would it be possible to add the TICKER to the dividend investment income email? I have some similarly named ETFs and usually have to search the ISIN number to confirm the ticker.


I think the divided summary should be included in the holdings screen, so you can see in the same place how much you paid for a share and how many dividends have been received.

An ‘estimated dividend yield’ based on current value of your holding would be really great. Granted it would have to be clearly stated as an estimate to avoid disappointment if it changed.

Total dividends earned would be amazing like they have on m1 finance


having either dividend info in the activity feed (as it technically classes as income) along with buy/sell and deposits etc makes sense. Otherwise having more areas within the app showing divi returns or key dividend dates would be really useful. Dividend Max usually has everything otherwise