Dividend auto reinvestment

Hello Freetrade,

I couldn’t see another topic on this subject so i’m creating a new one, sorry if there’s already an existing thread for this.

It would be awesome we could get automatic dividend reinvestment on the shame shares that paid out the dividend. I’m currently using HL as my broker and i love Freetrade and want to move my whole portfolio over, but have resisted because I don’t want to do this manually for now.

Not sure if you have this on your roadmap but once it’s in i’m moving everything over!

Keep up the great work!

This is a great idea that I’m sure has been mentioned before, however the new £2 minimum investment rule pretty much kills this idea for a lot of stocks unless you have lots of shares at a good yeild.

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I don’t see why they couldn’t remove the £2 min if it’s an auto reinvestment

I expect that this will likely part of the Freetrade Plus account once the premium account is up and running which is due in June I think.

I hope it’s not behind a paywall considering it’s free at other brokers, but we’ll see.

I love how m1 finance handles auto investing, lots of customisation :slight_smile: