Dividend fill bar

Wouldn’t it be great if within the account there was a
“Fill bar” counting up to the two k cumulative tax limit for dividends ?!
As per the pic below

  1. clicking here would switch to divis
  2. the bar would fill up to 2k cumulatively and would reset every tax year to zero

This is only relevant if you want to pay dividends out of the ISA. If you keep them in and reinvest them… the bar would be irrelevant. So perhaps should be a toggled feature…

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There is no dividend limit on an ISA, anything generated inside the wrapper is tax free.

This would apply to the GIA.

Its an interesting idea, and i like it. Id add that it might be a good idea for that limit to be configurable e…g if you know you receive dividends elsewhere to have the ability to set a dividend counter below £2k


There should just be a tab somewhere on the app which tells you your monthly/quarterly/yearly/total dividend income

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This (and also re-iterated by @toms) above is 100% true and thanks for highlighting it, it didn’t actually cross my mind @Eden

As @simmyx98 said below maybe the toggle switches to the “divi” screen and instead of “the cash position” you would get the divi position ie instead of
“Withdrawable cash”=“total dividend payouts this year (isa)
“Unsettled cash”=“total dividend payouts this year (gia)
Reserved cash = “total dividend payouts this year “sipp”
“total cash” = “total dividends paid in (all time)”

Etc etc
The fill bar (just for the sake of staying on topic :joy:) with newly added configurable limit as per Eden cause it’s a great idea to customise per your needs rather than the designers!!!

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