Dividend/History section

I think it would be helpful to have a section within the app which is gives a full history of use transactions not only by sale/purchase but by dividends paid, cash statements, transfers from other ISAs, etc.

I think what would be best is to have a filter function in the activity feed page.

So by default the page would show everything (what it currently does) but then you could select an item or items from the filter list to restrict the view to just those items on an as-needed basis.

Would this work, or do you want entirely independent pages/sections for each item?

If filter would work, there’s already an ideas thread for it -


I personally think the overall activity section just needs to be replaced with the above idea I have proposed. you could have filters within it (as is on Trading212).
I also think the team need to look at how people can generate their own excel extracts for dividends, cash statements, etc. using this tab. If Freetrade are not going to build a Desktop version any time soon then the page/tab needs to enable people to do this via the app.

The whole reason this is helpful is for:

  1. Tracking the total Dividends earned (maybe have totals showing on the app)
  2. How much I contributed into the ISA in the form of cash (including dividends) I know we can see total contributions on the main page
  3. If I want to see breakdown of fees and SDT then I can use this to generate my own extract.
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