Dividend Indicator


£75/ month is a great return. I hope to have something like this myself pretty soon :slight_smile:


Definitely agree with this one. I’d like to see past dividend data at the very least. What has actually been paid. Hl does something like this at the moment.

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HL’s site is pretty good for dividend info, there’s an income page with a graph that works out your average monthly income over the selected year or tax year, and info about past dividends when you look at details of a share, as well as the next ex dividend date


Personally I disagree with your assessment of dividends. While they absolutely should not be sole basis of investment decisions (chasing high yields is a quick way to get your fingers burned) it is a key consideration for many investors. Indeed, dividend growth investing is built on the premise of investing to produce a consistently growing income but buying stocks that increase their dividend year on year, such as the Dividend Aristocrats. I believe it is the best way for the average investor to get rich slowly and build an income they can retire from. Wanting to regularly buy and sell stocks to try and make a profit is not a good idea for the average investor (by that I mean people like me who aren’t financial professionals).

There are many amazing stocks that don’t pay dividends. However, the big problem with those is that until you pull the trigger and actually sell shares you haven’t actually made a single penny. With dividend paying stocks not only do you have the asset (most likely) growing in price over time, it will be paying you an income which should rise over time with the right stocks. You can then use the cash to buy more shares, increasing your income exponentially or to spend how you like. You need never sell a single stock and you’ll be making money. As nobody, not even the ‘best’ investors in the world, can time the top of the market for a stock you will almost never sell shares at the highest possible price. You’ll always be annoyed that you either sold too soon or too late. You’ll then be left with cash in your account but no shares. With dividend stocks you just keep collecting those ever-growing paychecks.

Sorry for the really long post! DGI is something that really excites me so I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone further.

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Should the aim be to ‘get rich’? I think it’s more realistic to try get more out of your money, so I agree with your main argument, but the phase get rich always worries me


Some ETFs focus on investing in firms which pay higher dividends. VHYL is one of them. If you’re interested in maximising dividends you can either buy those ETFs or look at their portfolio. VHYL’s biggest investments are in Johnson & Johnson, Exxon and Nestle.


It’s a useful shorthand particularly as a contrast to ‘get rich quick’. Time and patience should be stressed as part of investing. I don’t understand what’s wrong about the idea of getting rich (ie increasing your wealth).


There are some great dividend ETFs out there. Personally I invest in individual stocks but ETFs are the best bet for most investors.

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Probably I didn’t expressed myself in clear enough manner.
I have nothing against dividends and I’m personally biased towards them. Exactly for this reason I prefer no indicator at all for the moment and eventually down the line have all the indicators in the app instead of external sources.

My point was and still is that everyone should do their own researches and following their own style and strategies. Introducing a symbol to me feel like giving suggestions or promoting a style over others therefore should be avoided.
On top of that if you want information about dividends stocks there are many more sources of information out there so I don’t see the need for it. But this is just my opinion and I can be totally wrong in it.

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Was thinking if we could have this shown in the future app will be really cool :sunglasses: What are your thoughts ?


“Was thinking if we could have this shown in the future app will be really cool :sunglasses: What are your thoughts?”

I’m only investing in stocks that pay a dividends for the time being so it’s something I’m eagerly anticipating. Even a push notification when a dividend is paid would be good for the time being.


It would be cool to see the Dividend Yield for your Portfolio, even if it’s just a projected one at the start of the year.


Welcome surprise… just received first incidental dividend:

Although I trust that my small cash balance went up by a few pennies, there’s currently no way I can be sure as I don’t remember my pre-dividend cash balance nor does the activity feed register this activity.

This just reaffirmed my vote on this and push notifications!


Did you get that notification in App or was it via email?

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It’s an message in the app.

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Using Robinhood as an example, why not add dividend received in to the activity tab?

This way we know how much we got and where it came from. Nice and easy.

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Exactly my idea.I think would be very easy to implement , very useful and would make people more attached to investing and the platform when they can track their dividend income.

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To add on to this, is there an road map for when Dividends will be added to ISAs?