Dividend Notification vs Income into Account

Hi All,

So yesterday I noticed I had some extra cash in my account: £0.99. On my spreadsheet this was unaccounted for and I had thought I must have done some bad maths when inputting information.

However today I received a notification to state that I had received dividend income. Checked the app to see how much I received, it was £0.99 but I noticed my cash hadn’t changed.

Therefore I’m assuming the additional £0.99 in my account yesterday was from the dividend, however I only received the in app notification and the email today.

Just something to watch out for, not sure if it’s a bug or anything.

I had a delay for over a week for Cineworld dividend notification after I had the cash assigned… But only after I worked out what the excess was and told them in-app!
Hopefully the invest platform makes the process more efficient :grin:

I’m already on the invest platform, so not sure if it’s a bug or not.