Dividend payments?

I had three dividend payments due last Monday, MAIN, PBA and O
I received the payment from MAIN on Tuesday but am still waiting for the other two. I also hold these stocks on different platforms and was paid on Monday for both. As this is my first month of payments from freetrade I was wondering if this was usual?

Have you asked Freetrade?

Usually US shares are at most a day late, but this month they seem to have hit some issue. They’re there just delayed a few days it seems.

Also waiting for Realty Income dividend. This delay is unusual for Freetrade. Usually all my dividends are paid on the payment day or the following.

Also waiting for O. This is quite normal.

I’m also waiting on both PBA and O to come through. Last week it took over a week for my AAPL to come through as well. Prior to this month was usually 2-3 days delay, reached out to Freetrade and got a response Friday that the dividends were on their way but still no sign.

Im still waiting for my O payment any issues we should know about @sampoullain

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I thought it was just me. I noticed delayed Dividends with AAPL and now O, too. What is going on? Is this what usually happens with American stocks?

I asked Freetrade they said they haven’t got them yet which I don’t believe. As I have been paid on 2 other platforms. It has been over a week now and I am due 9 dividends in December which I am not confident about getting.

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Finally got my Realty Income dividends. What about you guys?

I believe them personally and I think you may not realise they may go through a 3rd party before paid to FT and then you, Drivewealth I think, and this could make it different to other companies. I am sure they will get paid but always should be expected to be at a later date.

Oh yeah definitely, they explained as much. I just don’t understand why Drivewealth was playing funny business right now? 10 days after the payment date to get your dividend is nerve-racking, to say the least!

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To be honest freetrade customers on average are lucky. I’ve known a 14 day wait at times on Orca* and although I don’t have T212 I’ve heard 212 customers say similar things about 212 dividend payment times.

Generally speaking Freetrades customers are lucky in that sense.

  • To be fair to Orca, they have improved recently and now an Orca customer can typically expect 1-3 days with a small number of cases being over 3 days
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Dividend payments use to be time but now have slowed down significantly in the recent months what is the cause for this as before they would be delayed by one day but now were waiting days even trading 212 pays faster now @Viktor @sampoullain

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This morning I had a message to say I have received some investment income and to check my activity feed. Nothing has appeared in my feed but I seem to have had some cash added to my balance. I have no idea where it’s come from though, is this normal and will it appear in the activity feed at some point? I’m presuming it’s a dividend payment.

You normal get an email to accompany it. Check your emails and it may solve it for you.

Also, depending on how regular you invest, the dividend may appear down your activity feed as they can take a few days to come through. However, it will appear in your activity feed under the day it should have come through.

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Anyone else waiting for a bunch of dividends lately?..its now 6 days over for some of them. I understand theres a day or two processing for US stocks which is acceptable but a week + is not really. UK payments also getting delayed by a few days when it used to be on payment day.

Its not usually this bad, wondering if this is more widespread?


The help hub tells us that we should wait for up to 5 working days.

Bear in mind that there have been bank holidays in the UK and the USA recently. If you don’t get a dividend after that time then please email money@freetrade.io.


In recent contact with Freetrade they have now advised 10 working days for dividend payments.

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heard back today. seemed to suggest delays are due to either delay in receiving the payments (which I doubt as its been 8 days) and or staff shortages which has increased processing times. staffing issue is being addressed apparently.

Mine took over 24 hrs last week, finally got it at dinner time on Saturday, the reply from my query was, “Divs may take 7 days as ft have to wait for their backer to be paid first in the US.”