Dividend Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet

I hear a selective people upset about this post. If you don’t like it, move on, don’t try to ruin something I’ve created. Yes, this is for sale for a reasonable price and every investor can afford this. This spreadsheet was created to help people track their stocks. You CAN find a free version or simply create one of your own but not everyone wants to do so hence I made this. Please, take your negativity somewhere else.

I have been working on this Google Spreadsheet for a very long time. I have an Instagram page dedicated to dividend investing, stock market and of course promoting FreeTrade platform. With the community that I have built, I have seen an increase of people wanting a best way to track their portfolio, so, I have created a fully automated stock portfolio tracker.

Features Included:

  • Available in all country currency e.g. GBP, USD, EUR<
  • Compatible with ALL Devices
  • Calculates AVG Price Per Share
  • Up to date 24/7 Market Price
  • Cost Basis
  • Market Value
  • Gain/Loss Calculation
  • Growth in stock Calculation
  • Ex-Dividend Date
  • Pay Day-Date
  • Annual Dividend Pay per share & Per Stock Dividend Yield
  • Annual Dividend Pay (all shares calculated)
  • How many shares can I purchase with my available balance
    the function calculates and shows amount of share you can purchase on the current market price.
  • Dividend Re-Investing
  • Deposit Entry Tracker (Withdraw / Deposit)
  • Added tabs for personalized Stock ( Keeps everything in order)

Here is the product page - if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask - answer ALL questions.

My Instagram: @Div_Investor


Thank you to the one gentleman that decided to purchase this👍

Will the spreadsheet calculate dividends paid in the past automatically if I decide to enter my previous history? Cheers

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Is this sort of selling allowed on the forum? @Viktor


Hi Matt,

I never thought of adding such a feature. At the moment it does not but perhaps I could add that in the next update.

I would respect the the rules if not. I worked for days straight to get this finished as people seem to want it. It’s truly helpful so in return I decided to put up a fairly reasonable price for my time. I’m just hear to make everyone’s day While investing better.


If it is, it shouldn’t.

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Many people here have already provided similar functionality, tutorials and templates for free fyi


Based on a quick search.


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.
Of course people can use the one you shared or simply find a free one online however the one you shared isn’t exactly comparable to the one I created.

My spreadsheet is fully automated, it gives you a wider advantage is adding stocks in a singular formula instead of a total shares into one cell.

This is a good example. If you bought 30 shares through out 1 month you can insert the exact date bought and once entered (Stock Ticker, Shares bought, Commission & Price Per Share) everything else is fully automated. Including the dividend annually, dividend re-invested and more. The spreadsheet you shared currently has #N/A errors all over it.

No problem I respect the hustle, I just don’t think a custom spreadsheet will ever be worth paying for. You open yourself to risk too

I’d recommend that for anyone overly concerned with spreadsheet errors (visible or non-visible on the front-end) and looking to make a purchase, purchase an app instead rather than a spreadsheet. Bug fixing is much more reliable in modern code compared to spreadsheets and vbscript.


Thank you! The article only covered Microsoft Excel rather than Google Sheets? True, two are somewhat identical but after using it extensively for personal use i haven’t ran into any issues and to those that I did I crunched them. It works really well. Try it, if you find an issue I’ll refund you your money. You have my word.

I will put up a excel template version soon (just need to logon that device)

Basic but automated and I can add/provide source for you to adapt.

Charging is lame! Build an app if you want money.


Hey, interesting idea i just have a few questions,

  1. Does this support fraction shares?
  2. Where is the dividend info pulled from? What happens if a dividend is canceled?
  3. Does this convert dollars to pounds as the picture seems to round up the dollar amount of dividends and place a pound symbol next to them?
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Guys if you can’t support, their is no point commenting with negativity. It’s not like his charging an extortionate amount, it’s a spreadsheet that would be very useful for beginners and that are ready to take there investment to the next level, so how about give some constructive feedback instead of nagging.

BTW mate I love the idea keep doing what your doing, you got freedom to do anything on this platform as we are one community.


Hi Sir,

Thanks for the question.

That’s right, it does support fractions shares:)

Dividends are fetched from Yahoo Finance,
once dividend is cut it will either be shown as N/A meaning the company no longer pays dividends or just shows a new dividend amount.

Let’s take Apple for example. The stock will be displayed in Dollars so $316 and then the most difficult part from your end would be to convert your avg price into dollars depending how much you paid, luckily, I believe FreeTrade added this feature so it already converts it for you upon buying the stock.

Hope this answered all of your questions.

Thank You for seeing the good in this post.

Truly blessed to have someone like you giving us creators support. I agree, a constructive feedback would be more than welcome.

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

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There are so many free options out there and plenty of simple tutorials on Youtube for building trackers using Google sheets, why would someone pay for this.

Because people don’t have the time to build their own?

I think most people have too much time on their hands at the moment, besides it shouldn’t take more than 30min.


I guess not because people are buying this spreadsheet.