Dividend Statement

I would like to see the ability to show all dividends across a certain time range that will show monthly very much like a bank statement. It will also show total dividends monthly or weekly depending on your defined ranges. And then a TOTAL sum at the end of the statement for the whole period.

While everyone’s situation is different come tax time (income, geography, etc…) I feel this is beneficial for ALL users. Exporting PDF and receiving it by email, the one which you signed up to Freetrade through.

This probably is the easiest first step unless others have a better suggestion.

Possibly show deposits and withdrawals on same statement, but give the user the ability to tweak the parameters as he/she sees fit.

Period, Range, Transaction Type

Edit: CSV files can come later but let’s focus on the PDF first :sunglasses:

This is quite important. I’m having to make sure I remember to collect all my dividend information from the live chat heads.


Yes I agree, the dividend payment information could be done so much better than it currently is. Having to go the live chat, show all and scroll back through all messages to find the dividends is frustrating.

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Expect this has already been asked…

Is there a way of finding your dividend payment history - other than going through chat notifications?

I had hoped it would show in the monthly statement.

I have shares in around 60 companies and keeping track of which has paid dividends is not that straight forward at the moment…

Thanks for any help…



Like to see lots of Dividend Details such as all the above and UPCOMING Dividend in your account and dividend reinvestment or pay away to bank account,also with the new fractional shares (part shares) will there be an opition to turn this on off so you only buy FULL shares if you want to

Hi James, not right now, but we will definitely bring in new features to help you track dividend payments in future.

For me Freetrade are fantastic but I think this is a glaring gap and I’m surprised at the lack of urgency around it.