Dividend statements

The monthly statements summarise a users holdings. Is there a statement that would summarise dividend payments?

I wondered if I was missing a feature or a way of doing this.
It seems a bit much to expect users to have to trawl down the activity tab and individually note them down, even with my meagre portfolio.

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You should receive an email every time you get a dividend payment. Tidy your inbox and collate them together.

You’ll get an email as mentioned, you can also ask for a csv im not sure if this includes dividend information i assume it does.

For future reporting improvements id encourage you to add your insight and requirements to this thread Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?

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So no statement?

That seems worse than getting them off the activity tab…
I’ve never once received an email. Guess it’s time to go rummaging through my junk folder.

Appreciate the reply though.

You should definitely be getting an email for every dividend payment breaking down the payment details.

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I have retrieved some from my junk mail. Almost a year after my first ones lol.
Better late than never.
Thanks for the advice.