Dividends Activity Feed


Hey guys! Here’s a quick preview of how the dividends will look in your activity feed:

You will see a pending status when a company sets the Ex-date and a complete status on the Pay-date, showing the total amount received. As you may already know, you will still get the dividend if you sell your shares between those dates.

This is how it will look if the company decides to give shares instead of cash:

We plan on adding even more details in the future, like the rate and the withholding tax.

What are your thoughts? :grinning:

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(Kenny Grant) #2

That’ll be handy and looks great. I’d also really like to see a selector at the top of activity letting you filter on kind something like Buy/Sell/Dividends/Deposits.

And a search filter as we have on Discover would be nice too (so you can see all the times you bought a particular stock for example).


I had no idea that shares could be the dividend instead of cash. Still so much to learn.

(Emma) #4



You and me both Leanda! :smile:


I agree that the filters would really be useful :+1:


It looks great and it’s much needed. How long before this goes live?

(R) #8

Now I’m hype for my first dividends :slight_smile:


It should be early next year :slight_smile:

(Simon) #10

You will need a summary sheet ready for tax returns for 2018/19.
Are you going to offer the choice of choosing between cash or scrip alternatives?

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(Andy) #12

I can’t wait for this to be implemented. Any ETA?

(Alex Sherwood) #13

It’s ‘next up’ on our roadmap :smile: