Dividends Activity Feed

The messages look like this -

sending them is a manual process at the moment :radio_button::point_left:

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I used to get them but they have just stopped…

I don’t know if something has disconnected on my account.

Parhaps you have not received any dividends since? :slight_smile:

@Vlad . You may have missed my previous two posts where I explain my available cash is increasing without any top ups from me.

Unless I’m just getting random cash in but I’m not that fortunate.

Support confirmed I had received dividend payments but the notifications were stopped, possibly because of a change of email.

I’d suggest if anyone has changed their email to make sure they still get divided notifications.

But it would be so much better to have this in the activity feed.

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It is great that customer support managed to resolve the issue for you!

Hopefully, a better (maybe even xlsx friendly) activity feed with historic dividends will be developed soon :wink:


I received another dividend today and no notification again. Although I was told support fixed the issue. I guess this is just specific to me?

You can get the benefits of receiving a capital gain instead of a dividend, which may be more tax efficient. Dividends on US stocks have a 15% witholding tax, but you don’t pay capital gains tax if you’re within your allowance.

Bear in mind that at the moment you need at least 0.9% growth to break even :wink:

Because of the 0.45% transfer fee? Yeah that’s true, maybe other currency accounts will be added sometime.

At the risk of repeating myself - we explain on our pricing page , we convert your pounds to dollars for buys & dollars to pounds using the spot rate + 0.45%. This is a conversion rate, rather than a fee and we’re passing on the rate that we get from the market, without adding our own markup.


Fee from the FX broker, a cost to me either way!


It is a strategy that can work with a combination of owning shares cum-dividend and then owning put options on those same shares. This really only works with large cap companies otherwise the put options charge too much or simply do not exist. Often investors looking for the long term or for future dividend payments purchases shares ex-dividend in order to get them at a relative discount. This buying can actually result in share prices rising when a stock trades ex-dividend (though this is not the normal response). People often talk about shares dropping off perfectly after the dividend payment but some simply analysis shows this is nonsense. In a sensible market this would occur but the share market is nowhere near as efficient as everyone makes out.

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This is still broken for me and now support are just ignoring my messages…?

Really disappointed. @Viktor can you ask someone to look into this please? It’s been ongoing for months.

Looks great! Even better would be if you could slide between stocks and then dividends, like an option on the top of activity?


Hi Andy, our COps team is responding to all messages. We don’t have weekend coverage (yet!), but I’m sure your message will be picked up on Monday. :+1: Feel free to DM @Gemhappe if any issues!

This issue has been ongoing since April 12th and I haven’t had a response or update since July 12th. I am not being unreasonable.

I feel like my issue, which is a technical email problem, has just been filed in the too difficult to answer box.

Keep cash for reinvestment when the price is right. Otherwise you pay the going rate, no control! Lose profit. A lot of this game is timing. Easy rule is buy bottom 10%, sell top 10%.

TransferWise is 0.3%. CurrenciesDirect are free.
Difference is that you time the rate in TransferWise. CurrenciesDirect will get you the best rate.
Hope this helps. Can save ££££

Hi Andy, can you DM me your Freetrade email and I’ll look into this.

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