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Hey all, just watching a YouTube video from a community member and he said CYBG pays a dividend once a year. I bought shares in them a few months ago and on the info page it doesn’t say anything about dividends. Is this true and if so why is it not stated.
Also if it’s correct who many other shares are not stated correct.

They go ex div every Jan of each year and dividend paid around Feb.

There’s no dividend information in the app at the moment, it’s something you need to research yourself

That’s fair, but why do some say they give dividends and other don’t?

Which ones say they do? Apart from ETFs and that’s in the KID as some pay out cash and others reinvest in the fund, and this is unlikely to change

Ah ok so only ETF’s and Kid will say? Normal stocks don’t say? Is that right

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Individual companies which are publicly traded usually state that sort of information in their websites, normally in a Investor Relations page.

You can also check if a given company pays dividends or not in websites like Yahoo. Just start by looking to dividend yield or payout ratio, then carry on with the research by asking your favourite search engine

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Businesses can change their dividend policies, an ETF will always be either accumulating or distributing of whatever dividend they receive. So without constant maintenance you couldn’t confidently say whether a business always pays a dividend.

Or what would you do if you labelled a business as paying a dividend, then they announced they’re not paying one, and users start complaining?

That is a fair point. But I would say it’s not a quick decision made by the company so everyone gets a ample warning what’s happening. Everything is automated now so Freetrade could easy have a code set up to change the rules if dividends or reinvested or just straight stock in there information tab.

IDividend info for all Freetrade securities over on the finki API for easy output to gSheets or Excel. Exdates, paydates, amounts, yields … all there for your info.


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