Dividends, potential alerts and share filters

An interested feature to add could be price alerts so that we receive a notification whenever a selected share in a watchlist reaches a certain price.

This may be a feature Freetrade are working on but a filter could be added when searching for shares in categories such as industries so that it is easier to find new shares to invest in rather than searching for stocks we already know.

In addition to the filter feature mentioned above, to enhance this you could have an option which filters all dividend paying shares by high-low yield along with information under graphs showing the ex-dividend dates and expected payment date.

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Is this something you are after? :slight_smile:

There seem to be two ideas similar to this. One is a bit broad and the other slightly more specific.

This is one of my favourites, check if my interpretation aligns with yours!

If you have any further ideas - feel free to create one topic for each rather than consolidating two or more into a single thread :wink:


Yes an alert feature for individual stock prices above and/or below certain levels.

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