Dividends received after transfer out

If I transfer my portfolio to another platform and some of the shares are trading ex-dividend at the time of transfer, do the dividends get paid to Freetrade or the new platform? Or perhaps paid to Freetrade and forwarded to the new platform?

Thanks in advance…

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I’m not sure of the timings but I did receive some dividends, tax relief and monthly interest in my Isa and Sipp after transferring out. Most of this was forwarded on to HL. One dividend was relatively small, so FT transferred it to my GIA instead, saying it couldn’t/wouldn’t forward on amounts lower than £50.

Reach out to support – they were great throughout.


I did transfer from Orca ISA to fteetrade ISA.

Payments arriving in Orca were transferred to freetrade generally speaking.

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Thanks for that. From past transfers between other investment platforms it’s been the old one that receives the dividends and they get passed on to the new one, so good to know that Freetrade do the same thing.

I did ask support and they said that any outstanding dividends would be applied to the new platform but seemed confused over whether Freetrade received them first and passed them on or whether they would be paid directly to the new platform.

The get receive by freetrade as the stocks in question would have been held by freetrade nominees ltd on our behalf.

Then the money gets moved to the new provider.

The opposite is true if your transferring to freetrade.

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OK, my transfer out has completed and I have received some more dividends to my Freetrade account. I’ve reached out to support and they say that any share that was trading ex-dividend before the transfer will have its dividends paid into my Freetrade account. It won’t be moved to my new platform.