Ok so I’m a bit of a newbie to investing and trading and was just wondering about investing in dividend-paying stocks through Freetrade; Will Freetrade tell me if a stock pays dividends and when I would have to invest by in order to receive it, as well as how much it typically pays?

I know that I could search for this information about each company online but it would be much easier if this information was in the app on each stock’s page.

Apologies if my question has already been answered elsewhere.


I’m interested in investing in dividend paying stocks too. I plan to build up a portfolio of those stocks and generate an income that I can reinvest. As you say, that information is out there for each company but requires a lot of searching. Having it on the fly, in app, would be very handy indeed.

Information like,

  • How man consecutive years has the company paid dividends.
  • What was the total amount during each of those years.
  • Date of last dividends payout, and expected date of next dividend payout.

Something like that would help to make decisions when picking a stock.

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We’ll look at adding this to our Stock Universe :+1:

We won’t display this information when the app launches but those are good ideas & I’ve passed them onto the team. Keep them coming :smile:


Great. Thank you!