Last night I saw that I had received dividends via a pop- up alert in the app but I was tired and dismissed it thinking I would look closer in the morning.
However, when I opened the app this morning I have no record of anything in the activity feed or anywhere else that I can see. Even on the account balance there is no information although the balance has increased to reflect the payment. Why is there no record of where the dividends come from and the exact amounts of each?
If there is one, please let me know where, thanks.


You should be able to see the message again in the live chat function

Had this same question before here -Unable to read in-app dividend notifications

You can check your email as well. But it would be good if FreeTrade implements it in the feed to show our historical dividend payments.

Hi thanks, sorry I missed a previous post on this subject and I have found it in live chat. However, it seems far from intuitive. I think it should go into the activity feed which seems a more natural place to monitor payments.


Freetrade are going to be working to bring dividend activity elsewhere in the app in the future. Lots of focus at the moment on the inestments platform that will enable them to add thousands more shares to the platform.

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It’s being worked on. It’s the ‘Rich Activity Feed’ which is next-up on the roadmap.


Good…I think that will be a positive step forward.:slightly_smiling_face: