Diviend payout formula from fractional shares


Does anyone know the formula for calculating dividend payout from the purchase of fractional shares?.
I’ve had a look around online but having trouble finding any kind of formula and i don’t trust online calculators.

Many thanks.

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Multiply by the fraction of the share you have. You receive dividends proportional to the amount of stock you own


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Dividend per share * shares owned

Fractional shares aren’t any different than whole shares. The calculation is still the same and the only difference is you have some decimal places to type in.


Here’s an example.

That’s that’s the kind of elaborated answer i was hoping for.

Many thanks.

Really? Dividend * shares. Rivorson said the exact same thing. There’s nothing else to it it’s just a fraction of a share


I think it’s E=mc^2


I just found his answer more elaborate…Which is what i needed.

Thank you.

I’m pretty sure you don’t know what that equation means.

E = total dividend payment
M= number of shares owned
C = square root of dividend per share


That’s not what it means though is it.


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Do you know what it means though smarty pants?!

Ps you asked for a formula to calculate dividends not a worked example.

In the repeated vein of discussing the Energy of subatomic particles:


Where E is the Dividend payment
h = dividend per share
f = fraction of shares owned

Worked example:
Jonny2207 owns 1 share in DividendsRUs and they announce a dividend of £1 per share …

£1 per share x 1 share = £1 dividend payment.

Hope that helps!