Does anyone know what the Freetrade share prices were in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5?

I’m hoping for a share price between £4.50 and £5 for series B :crossed_fingers:t2:

Don’t think higher is out of the question.


I think I worked out based on previous valuations and assuming 280k users EOY it would be about £4.80.

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In agreement, somewhere between £4.50-£5.00. Freetrade is a also a unique type of business that does well (potentially even better) during downturns.

What’s changed since May 2020 (to name a few):
50% more users
Account types (Plus & SIPPs)
Employees, added significant experience to the team.
EU license to be granted soon
Potential footprint on the content already

Freetrade are in a much more comfortable position than they were in May… and not to mention the the elephant in the room… Robinhood pulled its U.K. launch in July. This in itself could have caused a massive increase in valuation.

We’re in a very strong position going forward so I expect our Series B to indicate this - but obviously not a crazy valuation.

£50mn series B could be £5ps x 10mn share dilution, which wouldn’t be too bad at all.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Sitting there contemplating “if only I’d put in £X instead of £Y and got into round A instead of B or C.” Shit, I’ve gone over this so many times myself. But…I’m flipping delighted and so should you.

Just be glad you were incredibly smart enough to take the plunge no matter how big or small. You read it well. Well done. Freetrade are gonna clean up. :facepunch:t3:


Just spent an hour assessing what I’ve invested in Freetrade and like others wish I’d gotten in earlier and for more… this is a ramble post and I’m happy to be corrected by the more financially literate here…

8p round 1 ! Wow! I think someone out there needs to gloat about how many shares they picked up at this price point!

Above thoughts are up to £5 series B… valuing a £1000 investment in round 1 @ £62,500!!! Capital gains shall be a thing on selling out of this in a single go!

I’ve gone for £1000 as I’m assuming retail investors aren’t dropping £10k £100k in a 1st round, but maybe someone with deep pockets or inside knowledge or confidence did! Wowzers!

Q - Out of interest what’s the communities thoughts on when and how the shares will become properly liquid and at what price…

My assumption is through IPO rather than acquisition.
I’d guess post 5 million customers.

We’re at 350k after 4.5years? But the increase is now astronomical touching 4K per day (likely not sustainable).

So I’ll go for 2023 (based on it sounding good)…

If we’re expecting a series B ( Series Funding: A, B, and C )

This will dilute shares but obviously hopefully drive adoption and then increase value… my assumption is this will happen this year?

Q - If there are 54mil shares issued, how many would be issued in a series B? And is £5 realistic.

Q - what do you think the share price will be at IPO


Most people aren’t really paying full price for shares as they get eis relief. So 8p is really 5.6p so probably close to 100 bagger for round 1 investors. They will be 1,000 baggers in a few years and the 1k will be worth 1million.

Its too early to think about an exit. Let’s conquer europe, have all the financial products in place. With europe customers we should be able to raise capital if needed in a private raise very easily.

I hope we launch on Nasdaq as the company will be valued far more than in UK. I predict 2024.

I think Adam, Viktor and Ian are doing a great job and they’ll want their pay day too. Nothing is guaranteed in life including life itself. Meanwhile let’s enjoy watching ft grow without all the roller coaster :roller_coaster: swings of a listed company


Agreed on growth. Also nice to have some investment locked up rather than free to have to decide what to do with it.

However always fun to speculate and predict.

Any idea of their percentage holdings, not sure it’s a requirement for it to be on companies house.

I’m only interested as I hope it is high to keep them fully engaged :wink:

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First round had Seis relief so effectively in at 4p :grinning:


Fortunately if you claimed SEIS (or EIS in round 2 or later) you don’t have to pay it


Just for interest I looked back at the first round. There are 20 non founder A shareholders who invested between 3 and 40 k. I am guessing 3k was the minimum to get A shares as there are a few which look to have done that. Approx half have quite Italian sounding names so may (or may not) fall into a friends of Davide (early founder) group and have many of the larger investments. A small corner of Italy must be quite happy currently :it: One A shareholder is a certain Viktor Nabehaj so this was his introduction

There are then 127 B share holders. This includes one Adam Dodds. Clearly a believer :grinning:


Wheres the information?

Old confirmation statements on CH.


Oh sorry I thought it was crowdfunding info.

Cheers :beers:

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Also worth remembering that at the time Freetrade was an idea with a pitch deck and a team. Nothing else. Something of a leap of faith.

Worked well so far…


That’s a really good point - I went in pretty heavily in r5 when it was established. All credit to those who went in early - even if I had known about it then I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to invest at the beginning.

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? If you claim EIS you’re absolved of paying CGT when you sell whatever the upside?


Yes. So long as the sale of the shares is 3 years or more after they were issued. You can also claim loss relief if the company fails.

If you never claimed the EIS relief against your income tax you are liable to pay CGT in the future though.

Wow so EIS IS extremely important


It will also be lost if you become an employee of freetrade. :neutral_face:

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Anyone planning on applying for any of the advertised jobs