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The US food delivery giant will IPO on Wed 9th Dec.

Similarly to Airbnb, we plan to have this on your app as soon as we can after it hits the secondary market.

When you invest, your capital is at risk


So, has anyone been brave enough to pay $182 for this? The IPO price of $102 was already nuts.


It’s crazy… Uber is probably a better bet for exposure to the delivery space, especially when it was in the $30 range.

And we’re live!


looks like airbnb will fly tomorrow

Profits in the food delivery space are rare and DD has never posted a full-year profit. I fully expect the share price to come crashing down once coronavirus restrictions lift and restaurants reopen their doors.


I did. Its up and down

If Doordash is worth this much then maybe the staff at my local Chinese takeaway should be on 6 figure salaries themselves!

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Anyways found this Twitter :thread: and thought it was interesting. Works for anyone following food delivery.

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