dotDigital (DOTD)

dotDigital [(LSE: DOTD)] is a fast-growing technology company that specialises in digital marketing solutions. Its key product, Engagement Cloud, enables companies to turn customer data into powerful multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The stock has had a great run over the last five years, rising from around 30p to just under 100p as profits have climbed, yet I think there could be plenty more upside on the cards for patient investors as the company has bright prospects.


Annual report

+1 Would love this one.

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Just been researching this stock too and its on my list too.

Wanting to get on this too!

I’m giving this one a bump too

I’m not sure when this was added, but I went in on them today on Freetrade.


Does anyone know what’s going on with this? I can’t find anything online. I think I’m bad luck, I had a small amount on Dot for ages and it continued to grow so I put a bigger amount on and within days its plummeting. I’ve had this with several other companies and I’m starting to think im jinxing everything I go big on.

Don’t worry @Emso89 you’re having no more effect on the share price than a fans cheering at the football. On your own it’s nothing but if enough people do the same it moves the price.

If you look at the wider market everything is getting killed at the moment. This is why people suggest investing horizons in the years not months or days. If you did your research and felt that you beloved in the fitire of this company then it’ll bounce back.


Following reports of slowing growth, dotdigital’s shares crashed 40+% in one day, and then further over the next few days, going from ~150p to ~55p. They looked well oversold to me and I bought in again today.

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Hello Freetraders :wave:
What’s the general feeling about this low price ?