Dozens App


Whoa that looks busy.

I wonder if they’ve stored your name as “Miss Emma” in their database :upside_down_face:

(Emma) #42

It’s there everytime I open the app. Really getting on my nerves already :woman_facepalming:
They had investment products listed but they just did an app update and they’re gone :woman_shrugging:


Hahaha. I think I’d appreciate Miss more than you. :joy:

(Emma) #44

Either they think I’m younger than I am or they wanted to point out i’ll die alone surrounded by cats. I’ll pretend they mean the first one :grin:

(Mike Smart) #45


…and a nickname is born?


Dozens will be crowdfunding on Seedrs soon.

In other news I got my invite code, I wasn’t expecting it so soon as I was position 2000+. Waiting on the card now.

(Emma) #47

It’s a nice unboxing experience :grin:


Companies House files from dozens.


Newbies to Seedrs, register with my referral link :blue_heart::

(Tommy Lowe) #50

Got mine yesterday, as @Rat_au_van said they put a lot of love into the pack that you receive :slight_smile:

Can’t say I’m enamoured with the app UX though as it stands, I find it a little overcomplicated after being on Monzo for so long, lots of potential though!


Yeah same here, way too much going on in the app. I know they’re listening to feedback so maybe they’ll review it.

Nicely done, Seedrs keep reminding me about sharing my referral link but for the life of me I forgot when I shared this.

(Emma) #52

Theyre sending me another card without the ‘Miss’ on it :grin:


I thought the same as well initially, but I think what they’ve done is easy to get used to, and ultimately if you want features and functionality, you can’t be stuck in an ultra-minamalist interface.

(Tommy Lowe) #54

Yeah you have a point, and that’s where the likes of @JamesStorer really get to shine! I really need to spend some more time getting to grips with it, is the ‘invest’ tab just a dummy page for everyone else at the moment?


Seems like a information only page to me

(Emma) #56

They initially had the investment details in but an update an hour later removed it. Looked interesting


don’t “miss” it :zipper_mouth_face:


Card arrived just in time to make the bond bidding process cut :crossed_fingers::

Have to say on first impressions I agree (there’s a lot of scrolling to do to find certain sections, etc) but I’m going to use it fully for expenditure for at least a month and reserve proper judgement until then. Promising for sure!


I got the card today, it’s well presented. Fintechs are good at first impressions, incumbents can probably learn something here. Parking the overall presentation aside, for some reason my address on the envelope has lots of commas, and says GBR before my post code.

Anyway looking at their bonds, I find it strange how you have to bid for bonds and keep your money locked for the bid period, which is like a week. The bidding process is a bit rough around the edges, for example when you try to bid for a bond it doesn’t always show the bid section. Then the bond application is a few screens too many, and you don’t find out that the bonds can only be funded by Dozen savings until the last screen, at which point you have swipe back through all the screens, then transfer, and repeat the application.

(Big Boss) #61

How are they getting such high rates on these bonds? Is it P2P?