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I wouldn’t want to speak for dozens on this, but I’ll refer you to 24:55 of this video which answers the your question partially (nonetheless basic idea that I’ve gathered is they’re not a bank so have to replicate a savings account until they are and they’ve come up with “Trust Bonds” as a short term proprietary solution i.e. hoping to gain your trust by literally placing your money in a Trust & using their marketing budget as a loss leading strategy to prefund the interest. Furthermore, they’re listed so that they can be ISA eligible I believe and education is a big part of why they’re bonds too. It’s part of demystifying investing for the average joe - once they’ve become comfortable with “Trust Bonds”, they may gain the confidence and capital to take on risk with real EM Bonds & ETFs in the Invest Section of dozens):

You’ll find further official answers in the other Ask AC vids (but I listened to them a while ago so won’t go back to find time stamps) but you’ll probs get a better answer in the Seedrs pitch deck or discussion forum in coming days anyway.


Ages - in an email to me, they said the average waiting time currently is a number of weeks


I’ll invest. The only way to be sure you get the gems is to invest in all of them.


It’s live now on


The pitch is a bit light on information, guess they want you to refer to forums, etc.

Already at 72%, there is 2x million plus investments, not clear what of that is institutional. I think I recall Seedrs used to show this, so might be from private investors, unless Seedrs abandoned the idea of showing institutional investors in a blue bar.

@userfy_123 It’s official there is no EIS.


£2.5 million is from two existing shareholders

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I’m guessing that’s these guys then -

nice to see that they got in at the cheaper valuation.


Yeah looks that way

Somebody just posted on dozens looks like they’re raising £1m from the crowd minus that VC investment

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Is this a Revolut shell company or something?

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how mush is each donzens share ? £20?


I was considering to invest in dozens.
Went to seedrs to check out the documentation. Found out it will only be released Monday when the offering goes public. I don’t think this is the way to do things. I’m holding on to my money until I get to see the paperwork


Agreed. Also, when prospective investors are stuck on the waiting list to access the app with an estimated wait time of a few weeks…


Yeah slightly weird them not giving all info until public…


Being on a waiting list to access the app, to actually use it, it’s not necessarily a negative thing. I’ve been on Freetrade’s app waiting list for maybe 18 months. That’s hard to endure.

Being asked to commit without access to information however… I do like the roulette but I like information more


Those are my feelings exactly

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@PoemofXtasy are you still waiting? It seems like they are sending out 3 cards a day haha…


£20 surprised me, don’t quite know why but just assumed it would be less

Imagine with dilution this will decrease?

Edit: Wait, no. The opposite happens?


Yeah still waiting - barely moved up the queue

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I was in 2700+ in queue but I got invite. So don’t trust those numbers.