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how did you get the invite ? the queue is barley moving and it feels like they are sending out 2 cards a day. Do they just email you to the email you signed up with?

Thanks for sharing gives a bit more motivation :smile:



Unlike London Capital & Finance, Dozens has the correct and relevant FCA authorisations. Dozens also have not dumped 25% of incoming money in to a suspect marketing company :laughing:

(Kevyn) #127

Dozens had a waiting list before the App waiting list. They gave queue jumper codes to the people on this original list. If you are eligible, they just send an email to the registered email address.


It seems I was too late in the game. Thanks for clarifying !


I think you missed out the commentary from your post. Could you explain the relevance to Dozens?

(Edit: might be better to discuss in this thread?)


Just high interest bonds - that’s all

(Emma) #131

You’re not the only one seeing a link

Not a good look to post that imo

(Luke Bebbington) #132

They won’t provide access to their financials or business plan until the raise goes public on Monday. Why??? The entire offering just seems odd. Too many warning signs for me.


That’s interesting… if he’s scepticle I don’t know what standing I have to not be


Disappointing to see @adam post this. Bit of a cheap shot imho to draw that link from one seemingly well intentioned fintech to another.

(Emma) #135

The way it’s done looks like a cheap shot against a potential competitor, and I’m very sceptical of dozens so if I see it that way :woman_shrugging:
I’d love to read a longer discussion of his concerns instead though


To what I said previously please allow me to add: I’m giving the benefit of doubt. Until I get to see the paperwork I’m both holding on to my money and giving the benefit of doubt. After reading it I shall decide what to do. Meanwhile… it’s a sun shining Saturday

Edit: if no paperwork is produced the decision has been produced

(Rob N) #137

I’m always a little bit wary of these type of companies which advertise a headline interest rate which attracts the man of the street who doesn’t understand that their life savings would be at risk with the 5% fixed bond.

Also consider that they’ve advertised a lot to get where they are, but I’m no expert on them.

It’s a good point! :sunny:

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Happy birthday Raul :partying_face:

(Luke Bebbington) #139

Can’t believe over £3m has been committed with no pitch deck, financials, etc. Disappointing that Seedrs alows this.

Reminds me of the saying when your taxi driver is talking about stocks you should sell.


£2.5 million of that is from existing investors who probably have seen the pitch deck, and had conversations with the team.

From what I recall external documents like pitch decks are not verified by the platforms, although I agree it’s dodgy to not provide the documents at the start of the round.

(Luke Bebbington) #141

Interesting. It’s a little shady when they don’t make it obvious that institutional investors make up the bulk of the raise.

Someone invested 1.5m and another 1m… did they say who they are?


I agree that they should make the major investors clear, @alex.s shared some information on who the current investors are, and their voting rights earlier on in this thread. Guessing it’s the same people?


Prior to the launch of the campaign AC did say there was private interest at a 25M valuation. The valuation ended up being 20M at launch.

This may or may not be shady. It may be a genuine investment. Or it may be an enticing tactic. I don’t know. I shall wait. Hope for the best. Be ready for the worst.