Drop today

On a more positive note… what bucked the trend and went up in your portfolios today?? I have 3: ITWN, NG & SPGP!

BioNTech is still up

Philip Morris doing well too, especially considering the UK-listed tobacco stocks tanked today…

Ferrexpo (FXPO) went up 4.62% today to £4.10 (I bought in at £3.30)

UK Gilts (VGOV) went up 0.41% which is absolutely nothing, given it had a mini crash at the start of the year lol, but I guess it’s doing the job of bonds going up whilst everything else goes down. :slight_smile:

Those are my only greens today.

I gained back just under half of yesterday’s losses today, and the USD exchange rate is still pretty high, so that looks promising for when it comes back down again (assuming we’re not destined for a high exchange rate forever now, which might be the case if FX investors are worried about excessive inflation there).

Interestingly, apart from a brief period in early 2018, the last time the exchange rate was this high was the day before the brexit referendum result…

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