Druckenmiller is net long UK

From 10:10 to 12:30

He’s long UK Banks and Financials
He’s long GBP

I know I can search it, but who is this chap and why does it matter what he thinks? He sounds like an American Brexiteer. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

He’s a ‘celebrity’ American investor, used to run the Duquesne fund in the US, net worth around 5 billion. Was also George Soros’ portfolio manager at Quantum.

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He used to work with Soros, they famously broke the Bank of England for shorting the British pound in the 90s. That’s how he made his first major loot.

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@anon810895 @adavid Thank you both.

For what it’s worth Druckenmiller has probably got the best 30 year track record in money management history. He has compounded money at over 30% and has never had a down year. That in itselt is simply amazing considering all the stuff and crises we have had over this time period.