Duplicate entries in portfolio bug

Not a huge problem but I sometimes open freetrade app on Android phone and see some stocks duplicated in the portfolio view. Bit random when it happens.


Sorry about that, could you please message us in the app so that we can get that fixed for you?

Ok…not happening to anyone else then?

Anyway, I’ve now reported this and apparently it’s a known bug that’s being looked into.

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You are not alone! I’ve had it occur twice in the last week, once on my basic account and once on my ISA account… My accounts had to be synched on each occasion to correct the problem…

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@nelliep This has happened to me too on several occasions. I probably should have raised the issue myself, but I have found that closing and restarting the app resolves the issue everytime.

Thanks, yes it’s not a big problem and restarting seems to do the trick as you say…just a bit odd. I’m sure it’ll be fixed eventually…

It’s definitely good to raise these kind of issues so that the Software Devs can iron out the creases :space_invader:

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It is! If we know that a bug’s affecting more people then we’ll make it a higher priority to fix.

Kept happening to me too today.