Hi, I believe that Volkswagen is moving in the right direction with their future plan. The European Union is trying to get a certain percentage of cars to become electric by 2025 and Volkswagen has made a negotiation type deal with Rimac (electric super car manufacturer), which looking promising for electric car manufacturing. With Volkswagen being a massive car producer, they’ll probably start to head in the direction affordable electric vehicles for your average citizen, comparatively to Tesla, which is still considered an exclusive vehicle. It would great to be able to get in on their stock. Thank you

Good morning @cheapboi101 and welcome to the forum.

VW are listed on the DAX which is the exchange in Frankfurt and currently FT only support UK & US. There is an announcement expected in the next months with EU rollout much anticipated.

Hopefully you’ll get to but VW before Xmas.

It’s always worth searching before requesting, it keeps all votes and discussion on a single thread.

Hope you find this as useful place and we all look forward to any insight or news you find as you research companies.

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