Earnings dates - a very quick primer

I’ve jotted down some notes in response to a question on Activision Blizzard’s thread.

Earnings dates - a very quick primer

There are free services that can save a lot of time when it comes to earnings dates.

For example:

Pretty sure there are more services that do this. Some people prefer calendar alerts, some like their spreadsheets, while others like apps.

The old fashioned way

If in doubt, check the company’s investor relations page (“Investors”, “Investor relations”, etc) - I just Google it so save time, since every company’s website can be a maze (it’s not a bug - it’s a feature).

Then, look for press releases, calendars or financial statements, which include press releases. It takes a bit of digging. Or just Google something, if you can’t find it:

Since $ATVI have already published their 4Q earnings, the next ones are 1Q.

Some companies have a fiscal year-end that starts in January, others - February, March, or someting. This means that 1Q does not necessarily mean it covers the January-March period.

If they haven’t announced the earnings date yet, look at the previous 1Q results (e.g. in 2019), check the date of publishing (search the PDF, the press release, even an old news article), and then add 12 months. That’s your best guess.

At one point, they’ll announce the results date, conference call details, etc. There are times when you don’t get much warning.

Sometimes, you can find the entire reporting schedule in their previous announcements - you can Command/CTRL+F the annual report, for example.

It’s probably easier to rely on free services. Maybe Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, and others cover it - I haven’t checked.

If you can study the IKEA manual, a mortgage contract or the AWS API documentation for your business, you can study the financials.


Thanks for this! I shall give it a pass to attempt to analyse earnings release and leave it to the professionals :man_facepalming: don’t see how I could possibly do the same for 20-30 companies at the same time, if not more