Ebang International - EBON

@Nicebutdim Share price still dropping.

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I think you might be right!

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@Doubledig we might both be wrong if it carries on like today! Can anyone explain what changed to cause the rise?

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im not entirely sure if these are accurate or even comparable figures but in my opinion ebang stands to recieve a huge amount of orders if they have this level of performance for the price listed, + with the hindenburg research report now might be the best time to continue investing with ebang. wasnt it warren buffett that said that ‘you should be greedy when others are fearful’

@millionaireyouth Indeed, Warren Buffett did say that. I heard that Ebang currently has 10 lawsuits going on, including the one against Hindenburg.

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I have faith this is in for a huge bounce. The question is when?

I base this mostly on what has already been pointed out. We may have been slightly early but better early than nothing.


Welcome @Bullboy Who’s to say? I don’t know the company or sector well enough.
Some analysts are predicting that the company is positioned well for good future growth.
Could the allegations be true or maybe aimed to discredit a Chinese company?
Maybe aimed at dragging the share price down.
Ten lawsuits does seem a lot. No smoke without fire?
I suggest you do your own thorough research.

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Shareholder lawsuit against Ebang

this stock has taken a :b:eating, wow

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@millionaireyouth Possibly due to lawsuits and crypto mining’s bad press on energy usage - plus the markets being down.

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sounds like a perfect storm to me, buy & hodl

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Needs to stay low till Friday . 1 week before the shorties give up .

Jun 30

Deputy GM & Director notifies of intention to sell stock

Sufeng Wang intends to sell 459k shares in the next 90 days after lodging an Intent To Sell Form on the 30th of June. If the sale is conducted around the recent share price of US$2.89, it would amount to US$1.3m.

  • As of today, Sufeng currently holds no shares directly (This sale likely refers to shares that have not yet been received).
  • There have been no trades via on-market transactions or options from company insiders in the last 12 months. ~ SimplyWallSt

Jul 02

Deputy GM & Director Sufeng Wang has left the company

On the 23rd of June, Sufeng Wang’s tenure as Deputy GM & Director ended after 3.1 years in the role.

  • We don’t have any record of a personal shareholding under Sufeng’s name.
  • Sufeng is the only executive to leave the company over the last 12 months.
  • The current median tenure of the management team is 1.17 years, which is considered inexperienced in the Simply Wall St Risk Model. ~ SimplyWallSt

Ebang seems to go through a bumpy ride. I have some shares in it. What is your view about future of this org.

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Hi @MZain I have a handful of shares in the company. It’s my worst performer. The last I heard Ebang had around 10 lawsuits out against it. Also, perhaps because of the clampdown by the Chinese government on Crypto currencies and tech companies Ebangs performance is suffering. Some reports I’ve seen about the company still seem pretty upbeat.


@Doubledig - cheers for the update.

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