Ecclesiastical Insurance Office PLC - ELLA


Ecclesiastical Insurance is an insurance company in the United Kingdom founded in 1887. The head office is located in Gloucester.

The company is formally named Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc and is authorised and regulated by the FCA and PRA. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc which in turn is owned by Allchurches Trust, a registered charity whose objectives are to promote the Christian religion and to provide funds for other charitable purposes.[1] Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc has over £100m Preference Shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It was established by the Church of England to provide insurance cover for its buildings. It now covers a wide range of insurance business, and in 2006 it ranked 16th in liability insurance and 20th in accident insurance based on UK Net Written Premiums.[2]

Customers include Gloucester Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Has a dividend yield of 5.7% paid semi-annually. Currently trades at £1.42/share.