EIS3 (Tax Relief) Form


I think we all have unique tax references. Just you don’t normally need to know it if you are on paye

Researched it and it seems it’s generated when you need it, so when you register for self assessment.

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@rarther I totally agree that HMRC guidance is not great even if way much better than other countries (direct experience). What worse that the lady to which I talked to when I asked what I need to do for the capital gain tax she didn’t know that the EIS give relief on that too, and that is not too reassuring. Once she checked and confirmed what I knew she told me that I have to do nothing and that is a good thing.

I’m happy to hear that you managed to get back everything. Can only immagine the annoyance to go through the whole fixing process.

I can imagine that the national insurance number is the most important bit and they can obtain the other from it.

We will see how it will go.

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Out of curiosity anyone got back the reply from the tax relief office with the check?


Yes. After about a month I got a letter confirming tax had been recalculated and to log on to their website with my Government Gateway ID to give them instructions of where to pay, or else they’ll send a cheque in 2 months.

After giving them account details payment was received in a couple of days.

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Great!!! So hopefully it should arrive any day by now. In the unfortunate case that the letter got lost I suppose I should contact the help line right?

Thanks for the reply!

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I’m doing self-assessment for year 2017-18.
Can I get EIS tax relief in last years self-assessment?
Or do I it in 2018-19 self-assessment?


Have a look at Tax relief for a different year – your choices.