Email addresses leaked? Cowrywise account registration

I’ve noticed suspicious activity this morning. I received an account registration email from Cowrywise- apparently it’s some Nigerian investment platform. This immediately made me think that it must be related to some legit investment-related site where I genuinely registered my email. Has anyone else noticed something similar? I already changed my email’s password just in case.

I don’t see any logic reason for the connection you draw. Spam is spam, it just happens.


I’m not necessarily saying it definitely leaked from Freetrade, yet I definitely see some connection between the fact that I relatively recently created an account here and someone attempted to create an account on some other investment platform with my email address. I just thought it’s worth raising it here in case someone else experienced the same.

By the way, if someone uses your email to create an account it’s not spam.

I’ve signed up to a multitude of fintechs and fintech waiting lists and haven’t had anything

Have you checked to see if your email was leaked elsewhere?

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Suprisingly it’s not showing up there. This is my address that I’m very careful where I’m registering with. I have few other addresses which have indeed been leaked in past data breaches, yet this one seems “green”.

In that case it’s probably either someone randomly guessing email addresses, so as long as you didn’t reply it’s fine, or someone has fat fingered when entering their email to legitimately sign up for that site

I have this on 2 different email addresses where 2 different people with a similar address get it wrong from time to time. I’ve now got to the point where I forward the email to the correct one and we share the odd joke about it!