Emoov on Crowdcube



  • Russell Quirk is claiming the £6 million that didn’t materialise is separate to the one mentioned in the pitch
  • Crowdcube has had over 20 formal complaints
  • Rob Murray Brown is crowdfunding for his ECF website ECF.buzz on IndieGoGo

(Luke Bebbington) #66

Is Rob Brown worth following?


Personally I think he has a chip on his shoulder, is overly sensationalist and twists facts and figures to suit his biased or already-decided viewpoints.

Knowing his bias against all Crowdcube funded businesses and the size of the chip on his shoulder, I tried to get him to admit that Monzo had been a Crowdcube success story. He refused to agree this and suggested I was a fool for thinking a paper profit of over 1000% could be regarded as a success story as there was no exit. Even when I said I had traded them off market already and can sell whenever I want to take the profit he refused to agree Monzo had been a success so far.

A very pig-headed person dead set on his own opinion being right. He even moderates comments on his website to remove any that don’t agree with him, with comments held for his approval before they are posted (mine on different occasions were not approved).

Having said all that, I do value his investigative reporting on the equity crowdfunding industry. Undoubtedly there are a lot of things wrong with it and I don’t know of many other people who are kicking up much fuss about the goings on, so kudos to him for that.

(Luke Bebbington) #68

Interesting, thanks!


I think he is worth following and we need more critical coverage of crowdfunding. Currently all the mainstream coverage is about the speed or the valuations. None of them seem to be asking how Crowdcube can have at least 2 big failures this year within weeks/months of a successful raise.