End of day prices

Hi. Does any one know of a cheap/free place to get daily closing prices and volume for stocks on LSE and other major markets? I’ve been scraping Yahoo for a few years but this way I miss out on new additions or other instruments that are outside my existing list.


You can make a list on Yahoo if you sign in. That way you will have an overview of all the stocks you are interested in. Not sure what your goal is. Identify he stock with the largest volume?

Investing.com gives live prices and volume and an end of day price and after/pre hours tracing prices. You join, login and then you can put together portfolios to track or lists of stock your watching. Its free, they offer share buying but you don’t have to go with it.

Pretty much. I’m just restoring an old script I had to check stocks with increase in volume or big price fluctuations. It’s just a way to narrow down some potentially interesting stocks.

Google sheets / =GOOGLEFINANCE