Energise Africa


I have just ‘invested’ £100.00 through Energise Africa, it is a platform selling bonds to fund companies selling solar panels on soft credit terms in Sub-Saharian Africa.

In particular I have bought a Promissory note or unsecured interest bearing bond from Azuri Luminosa Ltd Issue 3: Kenya - 5.5% Bond, the only one available at the moment:

As you can see the risk is so high I had to laugh when I saw this:


Technically it is not a donation, but we all know it is! They have felt the need to point it out… :joy:

Anyway, the reason I invested £100.00 and not a penny more is because it seems only in your first investment your first £100.00 are 100% guaranteed:


It seems UK Aid is involved securing funds, helping cover potential exchange rate losses and even partially matching investments to complete the bond sales!

Setting the account up only required Passport and Proof of Address, so I was wondering if anyone else has this little addition in their portfolio? What is your experience? TrustPilot reviews are all very good and I could not find bad news whether from Energise Africa or Azuri Luminosa.

I have to say I feel very happy my very small contribution will at the end of the line be beneficial for someone living in the poorest areas in the world. :world_map:


This week Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square announced he is moving to somewhere in Africa for 3-6 months next year. Setting aside the thoughts about whether this is a good idea for his respective companies, is Africa about to explode into the investment stage in a big way next year?

Could be a good time to get on board and make ‘not a donation’