[ENTIRE US MARKET OPEN 🇺🇸✅] 1st February 2021: Expect disruptions to US buy/sell orders today - what we’re doing to keep everything running

Same here

I don’t know how much faster you want withdrawals. I joined after close of business on friday and can withdraw today. I’m hugely impressed with the whole customer first ethic going on here, and am happy to keep my funds here and see what happens just from what I’ve seen going on over this weekend, rather than take them out and go elsewhere, as I was originally intending.
The fact that @Viktor is on the forum here dealing with user issues says so much for how Freetrade works, but I hope you get your issues speedily resolved, anyway. There’s an awful lot of stuff going on here, and we all have to remember that. No one is deliberately delaying anything :relaxed:



I just purchased a small amount of Canadian stock which said it went through but Is not showing up on this stock or activity.

Is the UK regulator, the FCA, aware of the position being taken by FT and it’s FX provider? Surely this current position goes against treating customers fairly.

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There could be a delay with your order confirmation reaching you.

The issue wouldn’t be with FT only the FX provider.

Instant trades for US stocks seem to be queued for a bit and then processed successfully!!!

Pretty awesome work, FT team!:rocket:


I know - I just wondered whether FT could admit it is their bank (FX provider) blocking certain stocks for the banks hedge-fund friends.

Or, whether it’s genuinely a volume issue (I doubt very much as most stocks still available are some of the most active daily-traded stocks).

That issue of not being able to buy has been sorted but i’m getting a lot of issues now with buys not going though but funds being taken.

They wouldn’t go into that on here but other platforms using the same FX are having the same issues. There definitely is a huge influx of new trades which would be limiting all transactions.

I’m not able to sell any of my existing stock. The stock is currently showing at 0

Still can’t buy us though. No amc, no Nokia but other sites can. What’s going on?

Have you read the post at the top?


Reset your app, I have had that happen when the sale has gone through but the app doesn’t update.

Ok, just a matter of waiting then.

I’ve had buy orders for two stocks on the list at the top of the thread go through, 1 instantly, 1 that was pending for a few minutes. A sell order also went through after pending for a while. Good job getting things back up and running again. Hope you’ll be back to full capacity soon.


Wish I could buy GME right now. It’s on a fire sale.


Same, really gutted I can’t get in on the action right now


Absolutely terrible feeling. I understand the technical difficulties and not blaming anyone but when a service is built. I really wished all sorts of scenarios would have been considered.


Stay strong guys testing seems to be going well: