Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

@kk7 just my opinion of course. Their products may be good but it’s a very crowded space with big players. I would personally only invest at very small levels purely to take advantage of their perks. I’ve invested in many Craft/Beer Co over the years and potentially the much bigger money can be made elsewhere, focussing on areas such as Ed/Fin/Health/Energy Tech….


I have no idea how to differentiate the brewery’s - access to the markets is more important that quality of the product and that’s something I know nothing about.

There seems to be a brewery or distiller on SS/Seedrs every few weeks - they can’t all work

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Agreed - I see this as having more of a 2-3x potential but for breakout / big-money returns you’ll want more of a high growth asset light business model in the sectors you suggest. That’s where most of my focus goes and only 10-15% to Sustainability driven themes. The differentiation from a Sustainability perspective is that they are a bcorp brewer - this is because their processing techniques mean they waste almost no water whilst brewing - all the others have a about 80-85% wastage of water. But agree - as with all brewers the key risks are around distribution channels and exit routes

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I invested in BigDrop Brewing a couple of times on Seedrs as taking on the no alcohol space was a good opportunity for them and the products actually taste great (helped through lockdown). I believe they have an ex-CEO from Molsen on board too. But agree, millions of micro-breweries launching on these sites and a good (bad) history of many of them failing.

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Same here Chris - I am still bullish on the low/no alcohol space although these businesses have had to bear some of the worst of the pandemic restrictions. I trust Rob and the team at Big Drop have the expertise to navigate through and continue to grow.

Yep - invested in both Big Drop and Drop Bear - both seem to be doing well so far and are both well capitalised. However quite different strategies with Drop Bear building their own brewery while Big Drop are sticking with contract brewing.

Okay gang. I bring to you a CC pitch that had my head turned. A platform to connect self employed care givers with clients.

Pronounced Care-um

One big bonus if they haven’t referred to themselves as the Uber of the care sector!

I’ve request access to the future projections and they have a webinar next week but wanted to know you’re collective thoughts :thought_balloon:

Edit - forgot the CC link Curam is raising £2,000,000 investment on Crowdcube. Capital At Risk.

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So the potential client would pay as and when they require care?
Sounds pretty interesting tbf! Would like to see more about that


Yeah it can be ad hoc for respite care or ongoing care needs.

I would check on Conpanies House if any of the directors have any history - good or bad!

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I see Chip is crowdfunding again. I bet there’s a load of others out there with shares. Anyone got the inside track on the latest price at all?

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Someone in the Chip chat said £1.79
…awaiting confirmation

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Thanks. Up from 1.41 last time so not as life-changing as I was hoping…


Especially as they kept refering to a “Significant” increase. Suppose i cant complain too much with a 20% ish increase in 6 months.

Edit: 25%?

Ive got no idea how to math anymorr :joy:


You need to do mathS instead :wink: - that’s the proper one

Any sort of number manipulation

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it seems that Plum and Chip will be the next unicorns…do not know if it is manipulation and if they can justify it, if it ever happens! any thoughts on that please?

I have invested in both Chip and Moneybox,J think Chip is a better offering than Plum but I would like to see MoneyBox acquire Chip as they are very similar. A lot more of these companies are going to collapse as there is not enough customers out there for all of them. MoneyDashboard won’t be the last!

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I do believe all three Moneybox, Plum and Chip are well positioned for the future…

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The problem of Chip is that they are making very little revenues (less than £1m).

Thats why no VC have any interest to invest in Chip so far in my opinion