Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

“Strowz is way diifferent than competitor X and Y” but doesn’t say how.

Yeah, you’ve been shilling this hard on fumes and vapour. Venture capital has been picking at savings/investment/lifestyle-finance fintech companies lately, so what makes you think these vc rejects that come crowdfunding have a chance?


How did they do well? Any portfolio that did nothing and stayed in cash would have done great!

I filled in your form, but just so I understand - you’re building an alternative to ecf.buzz basically? Are you looking for volunteers to help out?

How did they preempt the markets to hold cash before it went haywire? Have you asked yourself that? That is what Marketsflow does :grinning:

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Interesting to hear Strowz have already cancelled their 2% interest offer they lent on during latest crowdfunding round. No blog posts / social media coverage for a month, wonder what other cornerstones of their pitch have already changed.

Was wondering what people think of Brewdog new campaign: https://www.brewdog.com/uk/equityforpunks/tomorrow-raise/welcome
Few things that jump out, interesting to know you guys thoughts:

  • Raising up to £50 millions, really!?
  • Share price is £25. Was that not the same price back in 2019?
  • What people think about the pre-money valuation is? Cannot see any valuation figures on their documents?
  • Crowd investing bypassing the platforms: good idea or not? I guess this is BrewDog!

…and do we think BrewDog will fix Global Warming on it’s own with £50m toward sustainability :wink:

Anyway, I think it is a clever and positive aspect to focus on the environment…should work in their favour in the short and long term.

Thank you for sharing the link - I wasn’t aware of it.

I’m done with investing in Brewdog. It’s a thirsty company!

This makes an interesting read:

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Brewdog usually raise for more than a year whatever money they can get, you can even buy shares in their bars. You’re not going to see an increase in share price, they don’t care about that. Only about customers and being a good company.

I invested the minimum amount a couple of years back that qualifies for 10% discount in their bars and have used that a lot. That’s imho the only reason to invest if you’re not in for the social aspects.

Anyone else notice the Arrival van on the site :eyes:

A shame Arrival is not crowdfunding right now… as they seem to have secured a £1million contract with Brewdog :thinking:

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Interesting to see that Rnwl went for Seedrs in the end:

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Anyone knows if one would be able to sell shares on Crowdcube in the manner similar to how it works on Seedrs?

Not at the moment…

They announced making possible to launch a campaign to sell shares by existing shareholders but it won’t be an equivalent of the Seedr’s secondary market.


Thanks. How will it work exactly?

Seedrs have a partnership with Capdesk and are going to enable shareholders in non Seedrs companies list shares on Seedrs.


My understanding is that Crowdcube Secondary system (They called:Direct Community Offer) is very different to Seedrs and not really design for the regular crowdfunders…

See what they say: https://www.crowdcube.com/explore/raising/direct-community-offer

  • “Providing secondary liquidity for later-stage companies”
  • " […] brands, like yours, looking for alternative ways of rewarding early backers with some liquidity, without the burden of going public through a traditional IPO."
    -" Give early investors, employees and founding teams the opportunity to realise a return on their investment.£

…so Crowdcube is pitching their secondary service to businesses that want to offer liquidity to their shareholders…but I guess mostly their employees shareholders.

Id does not seems to be designed with us the “Crowd” in mind :wink:


Many thanks. I had a similar impression…