Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

Actually, no effort at all to get yhose 20k+ tokens. :grin: I just downloaded the app earlier than others and those times, the reward system was extremely generous as not many people in yet. I didn’t even have to go out to get geos. It didn’t take too long until it started rewarding less & less as users have increased significantly which makes sense being adjusted. I could have sold the ones I bought during presale for a quick x10 profit but I believe in the project so I’ll hold and hoping for the best!

Yes, I have good feelings with Coconut. So far, all good. Same to you. Thanks! :blush:

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I’m sorry for being so sceptical,why don’t you maybe sell 2000 of your 20,000 tokens and let me know how you get on with the x10 return. I have invested in coconut also.

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The 20k tokens are rewards, therefore, they are test tokens and can’t be sold unless I’d swap them. There were 2 swap phases but with very bad ratio. Those were for who cheated the system. Currently, if you got your tokens before Dec.23,2020, you can swap your test tokens to real tokens at 1:20 ratio. The ratio gets better reaching 1:1 if you hold until this Dec so I feel this is a waste if I swap now. Others did and sold theirs. They can do so In Bitforex, Longbit, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc.

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All the best with your investments. I’m clueless about crypto currency and data so I avoid it. I was very close to investing in GeoDB but then cancelled when they raised on Crowdcube. I kinda thought they would be a cashcow up against hundreds of other crypto/data companies.

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It’s my first crypto-related company actually, reason why I only put £200 when they raised on Seedrs. They were giving 1 geo for every 17p investment that time so I thought why not try. I also just added a bit more in their latest round. But I bought about 2k real tokens during their presale in Aug last yr at $0.30. Those tokens are real so I could have sold them for a quick profit but decided to swap them for ODIN (which is Geodb’s own blockchain) to become a validator. This project is new to me so I’d like to try it myself. I just like the idea that I’m rewarded for my data wherein many companies have been getting from me for free. So far, this has turned to be a great investment for me had I sold my tokens for a profit. Teamwise, they’re very visible. Even the CEO replies promptly in the forum unlike many other companies that I’m in where after getting the money, it’s meh. :joy_cat:
Thank you. Hoping for the best in our investment journey. :slightly_smiling_face:


The thing with data is it is all consuming from everywhere. If I have a conversation regarding say for example “Hot Weather” you can almost guarantee that I will get adverts from holiday/flight companies on my google feed. on my iphone. So I think they will have many hurdles to overcome to monetise my data.

I received an investor update from Coconut only a couple of weeks ago (18th March).

Not much info in the email but they’ve got a webinar at 17:30 this Tuesday to run through progress and fundraising.

Might be worth checking your junk mail? Otherwise I can forward you the email.


Oh yes please that would be really good of you. TY!

I’ve had this issue before with my email not being included in the circulation. I’ll connect with Sam again.


Indeed same for me it’s my first venture into this space so lots of learning so far and a huge amount more ahead of me. Hopefully then allows me to understand enough to invest in others. The token bonuses we have had alone could be massive. One of my bonuses was 1 GEO per 7.5 € cents so approx 16 GEOs per £1 invested. 16 GEOs now are worth ~£20. Noice.

Could all evaporate but this is looking tasty so far :crossed_fingers:t3:

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The way I see it as per their article, it’s very profitable. I think it’s just fair that a company asks us to get our data and in return, we get rewarded which is Geodb’s main mission. I always reject non-essential cookies now when I visit other sites. :joy:

Geodb also launched GeoScan in France where you can earn geos for submitting your shopping receipts. I asked why not UK first but they said they already have data buyers in France so it’s a priority. I’m waiting for it to launch here because I’ve been scanning my receipts for years for a UK company that pays me points each week that I redeem for £20 amazon gc every time I have accumulated enough. I’d like to do this with GeoScan and get tokens instead. I see the idea is similar. It’s just that Geodb has far more reach being not limited in one country. I find tokens as a much better reward too due to a possible higher value in the long run.

Same here, just subscribed to the ASA. They seem to have got all the basics rights: Good product, good list of initial customers, all they need now is to scale plus their coms and branding are always high quality. There been significant dilution though from what I can work out.


Interested if people have a view on Tred raising on CC. I’m a very experienced investor but have done v little in the Fintech space.

From a helicopter view I really like the concept. My questions are around defensibility of USP.

I also think this is quite interesting. To me the key thing is that this is not a Fintech based on offering a better service at a lower price (say a Freetrade :grinning:) but one where you will pay a premium but be offered better options on how to be green for a cost. (I don’t know much about Bulb but perhaps an example) it is not competing on price. The two founders are not experienced entrepreneurs but have some interesting consulting oriented backgrounds. Crowdfunding and community could be powerful here

I like this offering,if I can get some cash together I will invest

Their current offering looks like it will be a very niche product. I’m not sure the proposition of planting trees is enough to get many people to switch their bank account.

As Monzo are finding running a safe, compliant banking system is expensive and margins are slim (hence Monzo moving more into loans).

I also don’t see what stops Monzo from implementing something similar as an option in their app

Personally it seems more like a feature than a full product


So Tred is over before it began. I think a bit like that fin tech that has paperless receipts,I can’t remember it’s name.


I would loved to have invested in Doconomy,but MasterCard got there before me

Seedrs are introducing a new fee 1% transaction fee from 1st May 2021.

Crowdcube also recently introduced a 5% carry ( success ) fee on profits made on companies you invested in after 1st of April 2021. Only place I heard about their price change was on this forum.

Oh well!