Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

Good to know ,They said they will open a private round this week,still waiting for update,have they opened the round.

Looks like it opened two days ago going off the fact there’s 27 days remaining of the pitch (only 20 investors to date so looks like people are struggling to find it).
If you’ve previously invested, check your emails for a Crowdcube update, I couldn’t find the pitch on the mobile app, but the latest email redirects you to the pitch via a web link. I invested on that, then the pitch can be found on my portfolio via the mobile app (I’m on android so it might be different if you are trying it on an iPhone)

Only people with the link will be able to invest as am guessing its open to previous investors first, not open to general public yet.

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Ok,Thanks for letting me know.Will look for the email and if I can’t find it will email Matt.

Could be a very wise decision as I think these guys are going to explode over the next 2-3 years. 2022 will be the biggest year ever for travel and they are nicely placed to soak up the demand.

I doubled down previously but can’t this round as I’m now located in the US, otherwise I’d defo go again. Looking forward to seeing this play out…

Good luck as always….

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Is it possible on seedrs and/or crowdcube to signup to notifications for new/upcoming pitches as they are announced?

Both sites have a page that shows a selection of the new campaigns coming and you can follow a business or register interest there;

Plum shares selling on the secondary market for approx £31 now. Potentially a decent return for the original £4.48 ( EIS lock-in period just about to expire ).


Aye. I was on the previous convertible round, paid £3.58 and just sold some for £29.98. It’s now ineligible so some news coming soon?

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Yes, I noticed that - an event impacting the valuation I imagine ( currently a ludicrous £30m )

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Rumours confirmed: plum to crowdfund via crowdcube in a couple of weeks time. Valuation expected to be at around 100m (3x from previous round).
I expected much higher valuation, though on a bright side there would be much more incentives to participate in upcoming round. I think they have both capacity and right management to become an :unicorn: unicorn.
Would be very interesting to analyse the pitch deck.



Well spotted :eyes:

What makes plum worth investing in?
How is it different from Chip or Freetrade or revolt??


Yes, they are all competing in the same market. The risks (for crowd investor):

  • plum is much less funded than Revolut or Freetrade. It means more difficult to compete for best talents, slower product development, less marketing expenses → lower growth;
  • it’s not disclosed how many active users, paying users, what’s churn ratio;
  • international expansion could be unsuccessful, product may not fit local market, etc.
    However, arguments for further shareholders value creation are evident:
  • great product;
  • spectacular growth (nearly 2m customers);
  • international expansion may also be an opportunity;
  • trust in management who are delivering what promised (almost);
  • clear path to profitability (though it’s unclear how they are performing in this area).

P.S. it’s not a financial advice.



I remember back in the day when they used to only exist on Facebook messenger :grin:

The 30 seconds when I was a Plum user were during this time.

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I was wondering if anyone has looked into these companies…

Rype Office raising £500,000 investment on Crowdcube. Capital At Risk.

ioLight Magnificent Mobile Microscopes raising £200,000 investment on Crowdcube. Capital At Risk.

  1. The office is pretty much on a decline/dead
  2. Cool product, but who needs this or would use it? Scientists have their proper equipment. And their work is not done on a phone. I can see some schools using it, but that’s it.