Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

That would help a lot!

I like the idea of investing into ventures as early as possible and using my skills to snuff those companies out of existence before the paint is even dry on their company signage. :skull_and_crossbones: :cow:


This was super interesting so I signed up to wefunder straight away!
What’s the deal with the ssn? And as I don’t have one what are the downstream implications?

Can anyone point me to an idiots guide to the tax etc implications of a UK resident investing via US based crowdfunders like Wefunder?


This move is surreal - it is one thing waiting 6 months for a valuation update and it’s completely another when you can see your holding double in value over night.

I think we caused the pump @TickTock :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Always nice to see these kind of moves. Long term I’m very bullish on this stock but short term will be interesting to see how it plays out with new investors jumping onboard and initial holders cashing in.

I’m holding for at least 12 months to take advantage of the 20% cap gains tax cap here in the US.

Good luck out there…

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Anybody invest in Recycling Technologies on Crowdcube? Very close to an IPO


I have. Sounds like an aim listing with a view of raising £40mln from key investors.

This is good news. I’m an investor. Can you please share the source of this info?

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See email from Investor Relations Team 2 hours ago.


Sounds good. I’ve invested in them twice :ok_hand:t3:

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Thanks. Just able to check my email. Have they indicated somewhere else the price per share in the IPO? Hope it’s a good multiple to the 2018 & 2019 rounds.

My question now, being based overseas, is what would be my best course of action to sell my shares. Will CC facilitate this for those based overseas? Any idea or info?

Any concerns about the monthly rate of cash burn re Place?

Quick update from Place today if you didn’t see it:

“We’ve not officially announced this externally yet, but will be in the upcoming weeks. We’ve launched, and are already selling, Place’s second product line called RevOps.

RevOps is a revenue management/operations solution. Revenue management is a massive opportunity with a TAM of $16b.

A few competitors in this category you could reference are Zuora, SaaSOptics, and Ordway. This space can be crowded, but we are the only product that is natively combined with a full financial forecasting & planning solution, so we feel we have a big competitive advantage.

Place RevOps Major features:

  • Complete workflow and collaboration tools and processes going for full revenue cycle
  • Subscription Management & Billing Integration
  • ASC 606 Revenue Recognition
  • Deeper integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Transaction-level drill down capabilities for deferred revenue reconciliation and variance analysis
  • In-depth and customizable dashboards and reports

We’ve already experienced success with selling licenses for the new RevOps feature, as the last 5 customers who bought Place bought it specifically for the combination of financial forecasting and planning with revenue operations and management.“

I wasn’t aware of this so that’s a real bonus…


Also a nice interview with my contact Chris with the CEO / Founder of Place. This gives you an idea of the quality operator that is at the helm. Brandon is absolutely outstanding. Talk about investing in people this is it.

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Plum’s crowdcube funding round goes live on the 18th October.
Anyone who has pre-registered gets access 1 hour before it opens up to everyone else.


NowRx raising again on SeedInvest.

I’m not investing in this round as I have already invested 3 times in prior rounds at significantly lower valuation / share price but I think they have massive growth potential and are just getting started. I highly recommend to have a look and one of my biggest investments to date :crossed_fingers:t3:


Did anyone on here invest in 42Genetics on CC. Like so many B2B businesses, their comms is terrible.

Plum share price this morning is 24 pounds , already 80% subscribed before opening on crowd cube.
I was hoping would be £10 pounds .
Thinking I don’t want to pay 24 pounds ,where there are no guarantees….(I know they are doing well . But to make a 3X gain , I have to wait for share price to be 73 pounds .
I think I will pass and put that money in free trade and just hope chip does well.


Wise decision,I think Chip will be the better investment in the long term :+1::grinning:

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The share price doesnt tell anything per se. Its better to compare market cap, which in Plum case is 90m GBP pre-money, almost identical to Chip’s. I personally believe that Plum is a better choice, taking into account user growth, product offering, geographic expansion, management team and venture capital support. I have invested in both, but much larger portion to new Plum round.