Equity Crowdfunding: Megathread

Exit opportunity for VitaMojo investors. £1.15/share. Not worth it IMO.

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Indeed - only if you need some liquidity I reckon. I’m holding for the long haul and hopefully be handsomely rewarded as they put the $30M war chest to work. It’s a gamble worth taking for me….

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I have said consistently from day one VitaNoJo

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Oh great Juno please do share your factual wisdom as to why or is it just a random statement? It’s fine if it is but would love to know your reasoning…


Interesting that Clim8 give the rationale of making product updates to terminate their current CrowdCube raise? Very odd. How was their raise going?

They raised £950k. Not sure what was the target

I think it was £1 million

All very odd given that they seem to be burning cashing fast given the frequent raises as they grow. Odd to walk away from a mil……

It’s really bizarre. Crowdfunding requires huge time and financial investment, so why would they waste all that energy for a product update that surely would have no impact on the raise :man_shrugging:

I’m not familiar with clim8 at all so this is entirely speculation, but the typical crowdfunding strategy is to obtain a pre-commitment of >50% of the target amount so that the campaign starts with momentum and is much less dependent upon the crowd. Given the shifting market conditions, it seems quite plausible that a commitment might fall through and their campaign could have been due to drop from, say, £950k (95% of the target) to <£500k (less than 50% of the target) which would essentially guarantee a failed campaign: better to cut the campaign short than have it fail.

If anyone has access to their campaign page (I can’t find it) perhaps the “Largest investment” on the CrowdCube page would provide some clues.


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Missed out on investing in Small Robot Company. Probably going to regret that.

Good luck to all that did invest

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I’m in for £1300 and will maybe top up to £2000 when it opens in a week or two

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