ETFs for 2024

26 positions in my portfolio, NONE of them is an ETF.
30+ stocks on my watchlist, NONE of them is an ETF.

It looks like I have a problem with ETFs , and it is nothing rational as i really cannot think of any good reasons not to own and grow some ETF holdings.

Last time I’ve looked into ETFs, I quite liked 2 generic and very popular index funds: VWRL and VHYL.

Can you recommend some interesting ETFs for 2024 or some criteria to consider when choosing one?



Fwrg is cheaper than vwrl but accumulation
I have vwrl myself

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I have VWRP which is the accumulation version of VWRL. It has a TER of 0.22% because it also holds emerging markets, which are more expensive. FWRG has a lower TER of 0.15%, but this is a very new fund with much lower assets under management, so that is one thing to consider. On a £10k investment it would be £7 a year difference (£22 Vs £15) but do your own research and worth checking out JustETF and Morningstar.

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I started buying VHYL recently as a means to preserve capital and de-risk the portfolio somewhat. Performance seems ok + global exposure to some big names. It’s my go to buy when everything else looks expensive. Can see myself consolidating a few positions into VHYL over time

Also have VWRL as my only SIPP holding.

Main issue with ETFs i see is probably more opportunity cost if you’re averaging in at any price.

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Just a quick update on my 2024 ETF adventure:

  • Yesterday I started a £VWRL position (1.5% allocation)
  • VHYL is back on my watchlist
  • Looking into blockchain/crypto ETFs as a speculative buy