ETFs now moving to Plus too?!

News just keeps getting worse - now Freetrade are moving a bunch of ETFs to Plus too. In my case, this affects 4 ETFs that I own, which I will now no longer be able to add too - only hold of sell. More annoying is that they dress this limitation up like it is a fab new feature!

As has been discussed in a number of other posts, the pricing for Plus is not attractive, and FT don’t seem to be considering an option to allow ‘free’ users the option to buy Plus stocks/ETFs, even at an additional charge. For me, this is another nail in the coffin for my experience with FT and reinforces my decision to use another provider as my main platform.

I get the need to introduce paid options in order to generate revenue in the long run, but FT lacks a number of basic features that means ‘Plus’ does not warrant the cost.

Sorry FT, but I reluctantly feel our love affair is coming to an end.


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