Ethical investment options on Freetrade

Is there a list somewhere of all the ethical investment options available on freetrade?

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Freetrade hasn’t produced a list yet, perhaps we should :thinking: But in the meantime, maybe some of the other members of the community could share the investments made in companies / ETFs / trusts that they consider particularly ethical?


I guess the problem is that “ethical” is a very subjective term. Several people I know who try to invest ethically don’t invest in tobacco for example, but try telling a smoker that smoking isn’t ethical? Seems a legitimate life choice, no different than drinking alcohol which doesn’t seem to be classed as unethical nearly as much.

Perhaps we could do some kind of community vote for what the Freetradeverse considers appropriate and list appropriately?

Otherwise it seems a rather ideographic process.

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I’m a bit libertarian about this I’m afraid. In many regards I vouch for a democratic process such as a vote. However, I think there are things that fall in the realm of individual prerogatives. Discussion and debate are welcome, but in the end of the day, we’re all responsible adults and each one should have the right to choose according to it’s own values and convictions.

The problem I see in the subject of ethical investing is the confusion, which happens with more frequency than what I would like to see, between Ethics and Morals.

Ethics is about principles, values, targets, ends.

Morals it’s about the means employed to achieve the ends. What is right or wrong. What’s acceptable and what’s not.

Ethics is about the destination. Morals about the road of choice to get there.

I agree, it wasn’t something I wanted so much as I was offering one way his ideas about “ethical investing” could be manifested, without just writing off his desires.

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Hi @judita
Maybe you could check this thread

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