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Key quote "The ERDC Agreement is a critically important milestone in developing our strategic options "

Hopefully this is followed up with more news, it’s been a long long wait :sweat_smile:


Merry JORCmas!

A nice RNS today with the first JORC report. Could be an interesting day for the share price!


Surprised wasn’t posted here yet

Dividend Policy:

Wonder when the general meeting will be held.


Big update today, splitting resources into 3 entities - PGM, Nickel and Hydrogen. Getting ready to sell at least 1 :eyes:

Also this tweet:

Market is loving it!


An interesting point to think about.

Russia as a jurisdiction can have some benefits, but it also has some definite risks.

I have also followed Amur Minerals, although a bit more loosely and recently listened to this Q&A session from the CEO:

In it, the CEO of Amur actually says explicitly that having assets in Russia means that a sale of the asset is harder as there are less investors interested and that regarding his own asset if it were to be sold it would have to be sold to a russian miner/entity.

If the situation in Ukraine ends with a Russian invasion and a war, it is likely that western countries would sanction Russia and its corporations and make the situation worse.

I’m not sure if this is being considered by the market and it could lead to a massive sell-off if tensions increase or if Russia does indeed invade. The samplies to Amur Minerals.

Has anyone got any thoughts?


This was not by design :sweat_smile:

But I don’t want to rebalance until we have asset sale news - whether that’s good or bad!


Sanctions don’t really concern me for a few reasons:

  • Eurasia isn’t a Russian company, it’s a British company that operates in Russia
  • The world really needs PGMs and Nickel, any sanctions are unlikely to target them as it would only damage British/American/European companies
  • Japan and China would happily sweep up any shortfall in demand in the unlikely event sanctions target mining companies

“Having to sell to a Russian entity” isn’t much of a concern to me either:

  • Anglo American, Barick Gold, Rio Tinto have all previously been involved in mining and exploration in Russia. There’s plenty of different ownership structures that can work for a buyer
  • Russia wants these resources mined, as it creates jobs and tax revenue
  • The most likely buyer of MT flanks is NN, who are Russian anyway

I personally wouldn’t make any investment decisions based on second guessing Putin.


If it’s all based on share price increase… What’s your average price? :slight_smile:
It must be a very good average price (compared to the current).

I’m not entirely sure because I have crystallised my holdings more than once (& that messes the app up) :sweat_smile:

I bought a large number at 3p and then later again at 12p. I’ve also topped up with smaller amounts around 18p.