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Their known resources have changed significantly over that period, hence the rise in price.

From discovering a big metals deposit, to proving it up with further drilling and then attaining all the necessary licences. Mining takes time and lots of it!

I think calling it a speculative bubble is wrong. Whether a deal happens or not, the assets in the ground are proven and their value is significantly higher than £1.1Billion. If there is no deal EUA can mine it themselves.

This is of course a high risk stock, so if you’re not comfortable with where things are I wouldn’t invest…



A bit weird they are looking to selling themselves if they can be profitable.

Hoping Eurasia finally gives us the news we want this month. It’s been a frustrating wait, but I still think we will be rewarded for our patience.


Have patience and you will be rewarded.

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What’s the latest on this stock? Noticed the dip and wondering if its worth buying in.

Same as before really, we are eagerly awaiting an update on the Formal Sale Process which is under an NDA.

Most investors, myself included, thought we would have had an update by now. This has caused the drop in price - I’ve used it as a good time to top up.

UBS leading the FSP on a success fee basis, CITIC and VTB also involved on success fee basis. DLA Piper bought in a few months ago. All points towards a big sale for me.

But when is anyone’s guess :sweat_smile:

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EUA and Argo Blockchain are the have the highest viewings today on HL. The results of the FSP are eagerly awaited by a load of people. Personal opinion only but I don’t think it will drop much from this point unless there is no sale… which of course there is that possibility. Even if there is no sale, there is still PGM in the ground so I’m not too worried.

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New RNS out. They have received offers (plural :money_mouth_face:) and the process is still ongoing

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I’m trying to buy some stock but they keep rejecting it.
Any ideas why?

It happens from time to time. Could be to do with spread or market makers trying to fill a large order… It should go through eventually :+1:

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SP being pulled down as a long term holder has been unloading 16M+ shares lately.

Hopefully next week we see some movement up!

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A large shareholder selling is not good news.
Lets hope for the best though :slight_smile:.

Thank you

He said it was for ‘personal reasons’ and not related to the FSP wait.

I thought the RNS was really positive, multiple non-binding offers :star_struck:

I would guess the DFS is a condition of at least one of the offers, so it’s possible we aren’t far away at all.

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Yes, I agree that it sounds like very good news.
But it’s always good to consider any bad news also :wink: .

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