European stocks

Is there any update on the addition of some European stocks to the universe?
Nestle, UBS, L’Oreal, LVMH, STM, Rothschild & Co, Carlsburg, Heineken etc.

They’re across various exchanges, but could you provide a bit of info on the timeline for this?


@Freetrade_Team1 is there any info on this? Some big companies here :slight_smile:

We’d need to do some engineering work in order to enable European stocks & we have a few other things on our priority list too so we probably won’t add EU stocks in the short term. Keep an eye on our roadmap for updates :eyes:


Does it fall under expanded stock universe or European expansion? I assume the former.

Yes we won’t have to wait for European expansion to add EU stocks.



Any update on the timescale for European stocks to be added? The roadmap has it as Medium Term ( 3 - 6 months ). I’m holding quite a few just waiting for a new :freetrade: home.