EV πŸ”‹πŸš™ Bubble Watch πŸ‘€

Those absolute monsters over at Alphaville launched their real time EV market tracker last week.

Thought this would be of benefit to the community at large, particularly to first time investors that are looking for plurality of opinion amongst a sea of $23,000 this time next year stonks stonks stonks sales spiel.

Sheet here:

Article here:

FT Alphaville presents: the EV bubble in real time


You may have noticed that FT Alphaville over the past months or so has been referring to an electric vehicle bubble brewing in the US.

Propelled by the runaway success of Tesla’s stock over the past year, a fleet of electric vehicle β€” and related technology β€” businesses have seen their share prices switch to ludicrous mode as a speculative fervour has grabbed the attention of investors looking to bet on an emission-free future.

So to track this phenom in real time, FT Alphaville thought we’d try a new format for a post.
May we present to you . . .
FT Alphaville’s Electric Vehicle Bubble Watch

*Apols if this has been posted already and I missed it!


I’d love to read these updates but it’s paywalled

It’s such a bummer they decided to put ft.com/alphaville behind the pay wall, but perhaps a testament to the quality of the team’s output…anyway I digress!

This link should take you to the article. Essential lifehack @Maxdev : for FT articles, a quick google of the title (usually) takes you to a link beyond the paywall.

General FYI, the google sheets link is not private - anyone can view. It’s a really excellent resource they’ve pulled together, with auto major comps for good, balanced measure and perspective.


Update numero deux to the tracker from our contrarian friends at Alphaville

New additions to the list:

  • BMW
  • FaradayFuture
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Holy sheet!